Seminar: Pandemic Preparedness – is Covid our wake-up call?

The acute phase of the pandemic seems to be behind us in the Netherlands, but we have to prepare ourselves for the next. Given that scientists predict more disruptive pandemics will arise in the very near future. It is thus important to reflect on what we have learned from pandemics and their secondary effects. How prepared are we currently, for future outbreaks?

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During this thought-provoking seminar, we’ll discuss the lessons learned from pandemics like Covid, HIV/AIDS and how it affects health systems. What can we determine from Africa’s approach in previous virus outbreaks on the continent (e.g. ebola, HIV/AIDS)? What is needed nationally and internationally, in preparation for future pandemics in the short and long term? And what role does the Dutch Ministry of Health have in developing a global health strategy, with special attention to the impact on the younger generation? Table guests from different backgrounds tap into what we can learn from our response to Covid-19, to strengthen health systems and to make sure the world is prepared for future pandemics.

  • Date: Friday 22 April
  • Doors open: 09:00 AM
  • Seminar: 09:30 - 11:00 AM
  • Location: Schipholgebouw, ruimte Auditorium, Evert van de Beekstraat 202

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Table Guests / speakers:

Dr. Githinji Gitahi
Group CEO Amref Health Africa

Dr. Gitahi is interested in the key drivers of lasting health change and believes in the focus on universal health coverage (UHC) as the roadmap to achieving good health for all people. Dr. Gitahi’s undying passion, coupled with his authenticity and charisma, means he is in high demand for leadership roles and speaking engagements across the world. Last year he was invited by US President Biden to publicly inform all world leaders on the Covid situation in Africa.

Prof. Tobias Rinke de Wit 
Director Research at PharmAccess

As Director Research at PharmAccess Foundation, Molecular biologist and Global Health Specialist, Tobias’ expertise is in the area of infectious diseases in Africa, epidemic preparedness and connected diagnostics supporting innovative healthcare financing using mobile health technologies. Tobias is an expert on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and published over 225 papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Dr. Sarah Spronk
Senior Health Policy Officer at The Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

PhD in children’s right to health. Sarah is currently concerned with international COVID-19 response for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specialized in international health & human rights, with a focus on the impact of COVID on women and children. 

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